Donor Subscription Offer

More than anything, we want to keep copies/shipping free for whoever wants any of the titles in the Dos Press chapbook series, but we're not a moneyed press. In order to maintain free distribution, we're seeking the help of a handful of generous readers. We gladly accept donations of any amount. However, for those who are interested, we're offering the following Donor Subscription plans:

$50 Donor Subscription

For a $50 donation, you'll receive a limited copy of each book in the first series (4 books total). *Copies are already limited--press run on book 1 is 128 copies--but Donor Subscribers will receive even more rarified copies.* You'll also receive one of our Dos Press Minumentals, an edition of 10 box/book constructions made by Julia (see Flicker photos of Minumentals). AND you'll be listed in all subsequent Dos Press chaps as a Friend of the press.

$100 Donor Subscription

For a $100 donation, you'll receive a subscription of limited editions of BOTH chapbook series (8 books total) AND be listed as a Friend of the press in all subsequent chaps. You'll also receive a Minumental, but in addition, you'll get a title from the next special edition of book-objects (to be produced in conjunction with the second series of chaps).

If you're interested, please contact us at cm49600 at gmail dot com. We greatly appreciate your generosity.

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