Recently Received

We've thanked all these folks individually, but we just wanted to mention their generosity/amazingness here as well. If you've never bought books from these folks, please do so now--you can't go wrong:

From Effing Press:
The Lost Sappho Poems by Gloria Frym
Constitutes/Obstructs by John Crouse
Black Stone by Dale Smith (also rec'd a copy from Dale)
Anne Boyer's Good Apocalypse by Anne Boyer
Is It the King? by Farid Matuk
Whole Milk by Jim Goar
Threnody by Tom Clark
Red Juice by Hoa Nguyen
Effing Magazine #6
(& Scott Pierce's some bridges migrate, from small fires press)

From Noemi Press:
Moveable Types by Jenny Boully
Little Dividing Doors in the Mind by Karla Kelsey

From Cuneiform Press:
BILL BERKSON'S Sudden Address: Selected Lectures 1981-2006
GREGG BIGLIERI'S Sleepy with Democracy
(& SCHABLONE BERLIN by Caroline Koebel and Kyle Schlesinger, CHAX Press)

From Sardines Press:
language is by John Phillips
Now, As You Awaken by Mahmoud Darwish (trans. Omnia Amin & Rick London)

The Poker #8

kadar koli #1

Daylight on the Wires by Eli Drabman (Vigilance Society)

Brief History of Girl as Match by Kristy Bowen (Dusie Kolektiv)

The Eye of the Falcon (CD) by Anne Waldman & Ambrose Bye

Bellum Letters by Michelle Detorie (Dusie Kolektiv)
Daphnomancy: Improvisations by Michelle Detorie (Cricket Press)

From belladonna* books:
Rosa Alcalá, Some Maritime Disasters This Century
Elizabeth Willis, All the Paintings of Giorgione
Kate Colby, from A Banner Year
Myung Mi Kim, from Penury
Monica de la Torre, Doubles: An Excerpt
Carla Harryman, Open Box
Erica Hunt, Time Slips Right Before Your Eyes
Akilah Oliver, The Putterer's Notebook
Belladonnacards 1 & 2 (kari edwards)

Caribou & Others by Andrew Schelling (Track & Field)

P-QUEUE, Vol. 4

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