Dos Press Chapbooks: First Series

Each series includes four books published over (roughly) the course of a year. Each book consists of chaps from three different authors.

In the second book, due out in November:
Michael Cross' "Throne"
Michelle Detorie's "A Coincidence of Wants"
Johannes Göransson's "Majakovskij en tragedy"

Selections from the first book can be read in the first issue of Little Red Leaves. Pics can be viewed from our Flickr site.

The first series includes work from nine other poets in three books.

Also in the first series:
Rosa Alcalá
Hoa Nguyen
Carter Smith
Aase Berg (Trans. Göransson)
Ash Smith
Brian Mornar
Tess Coody-Anders
Andrea Strudensky
Julia Drescher
Sasha Steensen

Second series thus far includes:
Joshua Marie Wilkinson
Alison Cimino
Chad Heltzel
Anna Fulford
Jessica Smith
Thom Donovan
Carmen Gimenez Smith

Stay tuned for more detailed info on the schedule/arrangement of authors, etc.


Anteeb said...

Oh, how exciting! May I sign up?

Francisco Aragón said...

This looks like a wonderful series. How do I purchase a couple of copies of the first series?

Francisco Aragon